Gillian began this business in 2009 in a recession bringing preloved sustainable fashion to Galway for customers to buy and sell their fashion to make some cash or simply update their wardrobe without any great cost. We are so thrilled to have expanded and grown so much throughout the years. Let the journey continue...



Meet our store manager Dawn Lynskey. She is 4ft11 age 35 and a full local Galwegian.

"I would describe myself as a pocketrocket, small but full of beans as my mother would say. I love to meet new people socialise and an odd dance off. I would be energetic, creative and bubbly, always want people to feel happy and comfortable"

So make sure to pop in store and she will do her best to help you with whatever you are looking for.



Hello all, my name is Saoirse. I like to attribute my outgoing personality, and love of dressing unique to being a typical Leo. My outfits and make up all depend on what music I’ve listened to that morning, although the usual culprit being Bowie, which makes for very mismatched patterns and colours. Sustainability and finding your own style through unique pieces, is something that I’m very passionate about, so working for number eight is a dream, and seeing how others style pieces is what keeps me inspired.